Meeting called to order 10:08 Members present 6

Reading of minutes from the last meeting by Sheryl Cannon

Treasures report by Mary Zimmerman

Membership report by Mary Zimmerman

Recital report by Sheryl Cannon

October and December 2022 recitals were a success

February 4, 2023, was a success. We really need more participation in our recitals.

News from the State office

Webinars – Quarterly – These are fun and informative as well as Free! Check out the calendar for all of the dates.

Lack of participation – convention, C.M., and other programs

The state reached out to the branches on how they could help encourage growth and participation.

Inspiring participation

In-person recital?

The desire is there to have in-person or hybrid recitals from now on. Kathy Conrad volunteered her studio for these. We would have the ability of more inclusive recitals here as well as less cost to the branch and participants.

We also discussed the possibility of getting back to having our annual Music Festival again. We will discuss this more at the next meeting.

Certificate of Merit Issues

Kathy and her husband Jim both mentioned how much trouble their families were having signing up for CM and submitting videos. We all agreed that they were not the only ones. The Conrads are going to document all of the issues found and we as a branch are going to submit it to the state. Maybe with this, we can encourage changes to the platform.

Upcoming dates:

Recitals: April 22, 2023 – This will be a hybrid recital at Palmdale School of Music. The address is:

2754 W. Ave N 8, Palmdale, CA 93551 More information will be available closer to the recital.

June 17, 2023 – more information will be coming as soon as possible. Stay tuned

Upcoming meetings

May 15, 2023 – This will be a Zoom meeting. This seems to be easier on everyone.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:00 PM

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